About Salvia divinorum

Salvia divinorum (salvia) is a plant that contains the most powerful natural hallucinogen known to humanity: salvinorin A. Salvia naturally grows only in the southern parts of Mexico and has been used for ages by the Mazatec shamans. It can be smoked, chewed or used as a tincture.

Salvia is not a party drug. Its effects are distinct from all other (hallucinogenic) drugs and the experience can bring insight and introspection. Our aim is to inform you as well as possible on how to use Salvia divinorum safely and effectively. For more information, please read our article What is Salvia divinorum? We also recommend new users to read the official User’s Guide.

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About SalviaSeller

SalviaSeller strives to be an ethical and responsible vendor of Salvia divinorum. We think salvia deserves to be treated with respect: it is a powerful plant that can have therapeutic and healing qualities – if used correctly. Therefore we try to inform our customers as well as possible about every aspect of using salvia.

SalviaSeller delivers discreetly all over the world. You can always contact us to ask questions about our products, services and general use of Salvia divinorum. For the most frequently asked questions, head to our FAQ. If you want to contact us directly, please fill in our Contact Form.